Friday, October 16, 2009

Sugar Mama

Today is October 16th. Not only is it four days until my birthday yay!! it also makes two years today that I have had Sugar my kitty cat. I brought her home eight days after my kitty cat Holly got her angel wings. Holly had been diagnosed with kidney disease in August 28, 2007. I took a leap of faith and had my vet go ahead and admit her and start treating it. She was released that Saturday and did fine, but then the ups and downs started. She ended up getting her angel wings on October 8, 2007. Needless to say from the time of her diagnosis to the time she got her wings, it was the longest six weeks of my life. My vet was kind to send me a card from their office and I remember it was Saturday of the week Holly had passed away. I went in to say thank you for the card they had sent me and was talking to the girl at the reception desk and told her I was either wanting to get a Siamese, a black kitty (hmmm what two do I have now lol) or a calico. She said one of the other girls who worked there had a Siamese mix she was trying to adopt out. I talked to the girl and made arrangements to go in on Tuesday to meet Sugar. I still remember Sugar was freaking out. I did not take her yet because I wanted to go look at the kitties at the City of Arlington shelter one more time (I did that a lot when Holly was sick). I decided that I could not bring myself to pay for a cat. I mean you pay for a cat but I couldn't pay to get the cat lol So I got home and made the call and then went back to my vet. I brought her home and she immediately ran under the entertainment center. I returned her carrier and when I got back sat down on the floor and took out het kitty cat treats. I shook the bottle and out she came. She has been my friend ever since. I'd say best friend, but it took me a while to be able to say that. My heart was still healing from Holly. I still remember that first night Sugar slept on the pillow next to me.

It has been fun. Siamese are interesting kitties. Real interesting when you throw in a kitten into the mix 6 months later lol But I am glad I have her. She is now a whole hand (5 years old) and somewhat divaish sometimes lol I have also learned that Sugar does indeed know how to jump on the counter. I blame Ella for that one (Allan I will take the white cat but only if you take Ella - it's a fair trade lol You give me one and I give you one as my way of saying thank you hehehe)

Okay here is a pic:

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