Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Your Life

I have to say that once again I am amazed at how much God loves and cares for me even though I know there are times that I don't deserve it.

I am not going to lie, last week was tough. I felt at times I was under attack spiritually and I probably was. But I thank God so very much for the wonderful Christians he has placed in my life - like my next door neighbor Jessica who is also one of my facebook friends and a wonderful sister in the Lord. I got to talk with her on Thursday and it was nice just to have someone to share my burdens with. I feel like sometimes I don't get to do that. On Friday she gave me a message - keep your focus. Keep my focus on Jesus. I have several things that are close to my heart that I have been praying for regarding my life. And I am reminded not to get ahead of God and that it will happen in His timing. And it kind of goes along with the sermon from yesterday.

And speaking of yesterday. I am thankful that I took that leap of faith and transferred my membership to Fielder Road Baptist Church. I am going to embrace it and just keep stepping out in faith and get involved and see how God uses me while I am there. I love the heart of the pastors there. So yeah this is good for me. Plus I am getting involved with the college group. I got to go to a college activity last night and that was awesome. I am starting to connect with a few people and I feel for some already. Like this one guy who is not in school. I was encouraging him to take a step of faith and enroll in school during the spring semester. I love this age group - watching how they are growing into the men and women of God that God is turning them into. I can't wait to see what kind of impact they make on their generation and I am blessed that God would call me to be a part of working with them. Which ties into keep my focus on Jesus so He can mold me and shape me and use me to make an impact with the students I work with :)

Today's video is from Francesca Battistelli and is entitled It's Your Life. I love that song :)

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