Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Revive Us Again

Today's blog is entitled Revive Us Again. That is what my heart needs inside. I want God to make it soft and keep it soft for Him. Sometimes I feel like He needs to do some breaking inside of me. Right now is one of those times.

I am on break for a few days yay!!! I started break by stopping off at my friend Melissa's house to do my laundry and I decided to spend the night since I was going to have to come back out today to help bake pies. So yay!!

The other day Angie Smith (hi if you drop by my blog) tweeted that the Selah Timless boxed collection was on sale at Family Christian Store for $8.97. This is a 4 disc set and is normally $34.99. So I immediately shut off the laptop and got in my car and drove to Family Christian Store and I got one and went to the counter and inquired and sure enough they were indeed $8.97. So I told the guy at the counter I'd be right back and proceeded to go get one more. I got it and went back to the counter and then the guy was soooo not funny when he said the sale was over. He was kidding, but still not funny. He said the sale was going on for a while so I will have to go back and get two more - Christmas presents for my mom and my sister :)

So as I was looking through the booklet in the Timeless Collection I read something that Allan (hi if you drop by my blog) had written about dreams coming true. He wrote about having been in Nashville for nine years and still nothing had panned out for him in music. He had felt that God had called him to pursue music and when things had come close but had not panned out, he could not understand why it hadn't happened for him yet. I kind of cried as I read through it (I am not a total Chandler Bing - Melissa if you ever drop by you know what I am talking about lol).
Here I am at the age of 8X5+1 and my dreams have not yet come true. I have two that I am praying about. One is that I marry a wonderful Godly Christian man who loves the Lord, music (please be a musician) and animals (especially cats). The other is that I get a full time job at a college as a college counselor. Don't get me wrong, I do not mind having three part time jobs. I am grateful that I have more work this year than last year. It has been a struggle at times since I lost my teaching position at the jail in October 2003. And at times it has been confusing - not understanding why God was keeping certain doors closed. But I am still struggling at
times. I am still making living expenses - a little above, but not too much which I am trying to play catch up with the electric bill and now the phone bill. I also do not have health insurance. Gotta go to Mexico if I break a body part. And I still am not in a position to start paying off my unsecured debt or my student loans.
So yeah it is still a struggle. I want to believe that dreams come true for everyone, but sometimes it does seem like they come true for certain people and not others. I really pray that 2010 is a year of blessing for me. I know every year is a year of blessing - spiritually and as God grows us in our walk with Him. But I want to see the pieces fall into place for me. I love working with college students. My heart is in working with them in a counseling setting - helping them to get through the challenges they face as they make through college, And for those students that are born again Christians seeing them develop into the men and women of God that God has called them to be. And if God has to move me to do it then move me.
I am up for the challenge. If He opens a door for me to go to Nashville next year then drop on by and help me unload the U Haul. I will serve you up some Jack Daniels Pecan Pie and a Dublin Dr Pepper :)

Here is a video I found of a guy doing the Big Daddy Weave version of Revive Us Again. I love the Selah version the best :)

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