Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open Arms

I am still coughing. It is getting annoying. But it is not as bad. I am not coughing during the night like I was. I may have to start eating some hot peppers and horseradish to get the sinuses to drain.

Okay so somehow I have gone from hey hope you get your praise on with this song to let's take it all the way back to the 80's to hear my favorites (and then go get your karaoke on lol). I am doing that again today. Yesterday you got to hear both versions of Endless Love. Today you get to hear both versions of Open Arms. Yep there are two. There is the Journey one. I love me some Journey - got most of their stuff. And Steve Perry went to my junior college. Yep he be a central California native just like me!!! Except he is from Hanford which was way cooler than Porterville. Then there is the Mariah Carey one. Yep she did one too. So you can check them both out and then go get your karaoke on :) I know I will after this cough goes away. Oh and don't you just love the clothes? Everyone let's go start new clothing fads lol Bring back the early 80's lol In case anyone was wondering I was a freshman in high school when the Journey video was done :)

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