Friday, January 22, 2010

You Invite Me In

This morning (not too terribly long ago) I was laying in bed and KLTY was playing (mental note to self - turn it back on to see if I can win tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters) and a song came on and I was like paying special attention to the lyrics so I could be able to do a search and find out who did the song. Well I did a search and lo and behold it is a song called You Invite Me In by Meredith Andrews. I am going to have to get one of her cds (and then proceed to buy me more shelving to house the cds that don't fit on what I already have lol). So today's video is going to be You Invite Me In. I like the message in the song. Reminds me of God's grace towards us and how we as Christians should extend grace to each other and how that is one of the things that make for authentic relationships (yep I read Pete Wilson's blog yesterday). Maybe if someone I know would extend me some grace, he and I might still be talking today. I really miss him.

So I am up entirely too early because today is the day!! I get to drive out to Rockwall to see Kelly and deliver her the signed Selah cd's I got when they were here in December. I also get to do my laundry for f-r-e-e. I joked with her that I could pick up a pecan pie and then she could just pour a bottle of Jack Daniels over it lol (she makes pecan pies with Jack Daniels and I have been wanting some). So it will be fun to hang with her. Maybe I might even stay a little bit for when her kids get home. Gotta hang with Kadie Dawn. I really need to go back out again and work with Kadie and Courtney on college stuff. They better be applying their behinds off n-o-w if they want to be getting some financial aid. See this is why I pray God opens a door for me to be a college counselor at a community college - I can be informing students in a nice manner - apply now so you can get financial aid figured out. They think they can wait til the last minute (like in August) ummm no not if you want to be getting financial aid. Don't get me going or someone will have to go get me a box of Tide to stand on lol So today promises to be fun.

In other great news my blood pressure was 138/77. Yee flippin' haw!! I still am going to be taking care of myself.

I was listening to what Meredith was saying at the beginning of the video. That is kind of how I felt yesterday. I just don't know sometimes what to say when I come before the throne of God. I don't have it all together. All I have to do is start talking and then let it go and see what He does and listen to Him.

Okay here ya go. I hope you are encouraged.


MissMegan85 said...

That's a great song - a little overplayed on KLTY but the message is solid.

I sent you an email earlier.

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