Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Song We Sing

I decided after my dinner of champions last night - Lean Cuisine pizza and tequila (okay the tequila part got nixed when I could smell my drink before it could be consumed - my rule is never drink something if I can smell it before I drink it lol) to lay in the dark with the tv muted with the Olympics on and my mp3 player playing because it was a night that called for it. I did watch Apolo Ohno get medal #8 while I did this so that was cool. And apparently he was disqualified. Ummm not right but that is a different story. He can skate and he's cute to boot :) And he is young - he was born in 1982? Wow I remember 1982 lol I was a freshman in high school. Let me see one of my blog followers was not yet a mom, one was not born, and the rest of you were in elementary school. Wow how time flies.

Okay back to my post for today. I learned that a girl that was four years behind me in school passed away due to her own means. It is not in the online version of the Porterville Recorder, but I am going to get some friends that are back in my hometown to send me the clipping. I can't believe this happened. I still remember when she would ride the bus home with me and she would be wearing her St. Anne's uniform. She'd sit next to me on the bus or near me. She lived around the corner from my family. I remember one time stopping by to sell candy bars or something for band (side note the Monache Band is why I am not a salesperson today). I wonder how her best friend is doing. I am probably going to be putting in a call to her mom today to see how things are. I know I hadn't talked to or seen Michele for years, but man it is hard when it is someone you know. I wish that I could just get in the car and take a road trip to Porterville and go hang out with the gang that is still there. I had some good friends and we were all in a great youth group. I still miss Larry my youth pastor to this day. He got his angel wings way to young.

Then I got to praying about my situation - no I am not going to off myself. God gives me the strength to make it through the struggles I face. But I ain't going to lie it is hard at times. I want things to fall into place for me. I want the two dreams I have for my life to come true for me. And add that I found out something this morning so I may be partaking of some alternative beverages while the thing is happening. Lay in the dark with the cats and pour me some nice stiff drinks. No I am not turning into an alcoholic so no worries there.

Okay today's video is another Meredith Andrews video. I told you I was on a Meredith Andrews kick. Yep gotta buy the cds lol I already have over 300. One more won't hurt right? Right.

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