Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love is the Answer

Okay warning: I am going to be on a late 70's music that rocked kick. Specifically England Dan (think Selas and Croft - wow I am old lol) and John Ford Coley. I heard Love is the Answer on the radio and had to get the mp3 to add to my mp3 player. So yep I will be on that kick for a few blog posts.

Speaking of blog posts, my apologies for lack of posting lately. I blame it on lack of motivation. I had plenty of time on my hands since I had no car, but alas I still did not post.

Speaking of cars - I have one again. Praise the Lord. I got her on May 20th!! She is a 1999 Honda CRV and is black. I named her Mae. She needs a paint job, but I don't mind. It adds to her character. She is keyless entry, cruise control, and an after market cd player that I can also hook up my mp3 player to it and listen in the car. Yee haw!! I love that - I can listen to jazz music while I drive - true it is the same jazz music, but I can listen. I signed the paperwork on May 19th and got her on May 20th. I have pictures on my facebook. I'd post them here, but I wanted to post the video for Love is the Answer. Get you all in your 70's vibe lol

Now for a job. I have been applying - I can tell you how many jobs I have applied for. 58 jobs. I do have an interview on June 10th. If that is where God wants me, I will take the position. I do still have the dream of working with college students in a student services position and of moving to Nashville (yep it's out there - Nashville be prepared for me lol). But like I said I have learned to do whatever God puts in front of me and if that is where He wants me to be then I will do that.

Okay I leave you with the video. It is John Ford Coley performing live. You will enjoy it!!

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