Monday, May 10, 2010


I do a lot of waiting these days. More so than I am comfortable with. I wait for a ride to the chiropractor from the guy who picks me up (that takes forever), I wait for people to come pick me up for church and for orchestra practice and for small group, I wait to find someone who will take me to look at a car, I wait for someone to take me to the grocery store and the bank. I wait a lot. Not just physical waiting, but waiting on God too. He has not opened a door yet for me to have a job (I have applied for 32 jobs so far this year). He could if He wanted to, but He has not. I am not the only one who has been in a waiting period.

In the Bible Jacob waited. He saw Rachel and knew she was the one for him, but he had to marry Leah first and work for Rachel. I got a C in Old Testament Survey (kept re-arranging the Holy Land lol) so if I remember correctly he had to work for her for 14 years. First he worked for 7 years and Laban gave him Leah so then he had to work for another 7 years before he got Rachel (the guy was in l-o-v-e that is for sure!!). Then Joseph got thrown into prison and had to wait. He waited a long time. After he interpreted the dreams of the butler and the baker the butler said he'd tell Pharaoh about Joseph, but alas he forgot. So there Joseph was waiting in prison. But you know the thing I have learned and keep learning is that God has a purpose in the waiting. One thing He wants to do is to build character in us. Another thing is He wants to teach us to trust Him and to depend on Him. It's in His timing that all things are made perfect, not ours. So I have to remember that in all of this waiting to just slow down and soak in what God is trying to teach me.

Now because I don't know a lot of songs with waiting in it, the song I shall leave you with is Waiting For A Star To Fall by Boy Meets Girl. Hey it's a great song. I need to find the mp3 lol Great sax part. Still makes me wish I would have also learned to play the sax. I still can. Talk to me when I have a full time job :)

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