Friday, November 4, 2011

Horrible Blogger

I am sooo bad. It has been over 10 months since I last blogged. Bad bad me. I really have had no excuse. I mean I have been either unemployed or under employed for pretty much most of 2011. I guess I did not want to write because of all the challenges and struggles I have been facing. And partly being depressed. But I think as I type this listening to Age of Reason by The Rippingtons that I am breaking out of it. Is everything together in my life? Oh heck no.. I still don't what will happen when the temp job I have been working ends (I am praying that I will find work before it ends), my faith is still tested a lot, I still feel like I am in transition, I miss Arlington and my church and playing in a church orchestra, but I am breaking out.

Oh I forgot. I moved from Arlington, TX to Nashville, TN back in January. My stuff left before me (I was delayed by snow in Arkansas and Tennessee) that prevented me from being able to travel east. I left on January 13th with my 3 cats and turtle and my car loaded and made it to Bryant, AR for the night (Interstate 30 in Arkansas pretty much has no lights at night lol) and the road is rough (come on Arkansas spend some money on your highway system!!). I made it into Nashville on January 14th and it has been an adventure of my faith since that day. But the fall has been nice and pretty. I love the trees and I know I am weird but a few times I have been to Wal Mart in west Nashville and I loved loved loved the view of the mountain as I came out and headed to my car. I like being able to go for a walk and see the pretty trees in all their fall splendor.It is just simply gorgeous. I can't imagine what Knoxville is like - I hear it is pretty there too.

I will post more later. But I exist and I will leave you with a video. The Rippingtons. Pne of my favorite jazz groups. It is them performing Tourist in Paradise live. I have a couple of their albums!! As usual. I like to make it fun and tie in music on here even if I have been a really bad blogger. Maybe I will add some pictures of my Nashville adventures.

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