Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We Are The Reason

Well yesterday was not too bad driving to work. It just took me an hour and 3 minutes due to traffic being backed up on I-20 and then on the ramp to go on Spur 408. That is because there was icy spots and people were proceeding with caution. I also saw ice flying off the top of a Ryder truck that was ahead of me and over one lane. And there was a tree down in the road that I had to move to avoid hitting up (saw it at the last minute thank you stupid sun blinding me a little). And on the way home I saw flying ice on the other side of the freeway come from nowhere. So aftermath of Icemaggedon 2013 has begun.

Besides flying ice, yesterday turned out to be a day with a huge miracle for me. I have been looking forward yet not looking forward to Christmas break. Looking forward to it so I can sit and chill again and not feel like I am trying to be one step ahead of things (I realize that I just had a 4day weekend, but still I am looking forward to a break).  But not looking forward to it because it would mean 2 weeks without pay and that means financial struggles. Which I hate. Yes the principal at the school that I interviewed at last week was recommending me for the job, but we had no idea how long it was going to take. I was praying for it to miraculously start this month, but thought at best it would be January 7th. Well, I got a phone call from the district after I got home. They want me to come sign my paperwork today and then I will be at my new school as a permanent sub!! I should have the raise in pay on my next check. I can have a vacation and not a poorcation!! I am looking forward to this because I can add to my savings account, pay more on my car and finally start funneling money towards the illustrator that I found to get my first children's book out in 2014!! And I can actually meet up with him over Christmas break!! 

Okay today's installment on the 24 Days of Christmas is We Are The Reason. It is on the Avalon Christmas album Joy, And yes when I listen to it I sing the back ground part - "don't you know don't you know the reason that He came that He came oh He came to save us." Blame my dads. He used to play guitar for me when I was a baby (and played for all of us kids while we were growing up). I love me some music and I like to sing and dance to it in addition to playing it. Anyway, ut was written by David Meece in the 1980's and has been recorded by over 200 artists. I really like the Avalon version (they are one of my favorite groups).  I saw them in concert in 2009 and they are super nice people. I brought a teddy bear for Greg and Jana's baby to be and got to visit with Jeremi and Amy who are just super nice people. I hope I get to see them again one of these days. Would love to get a picture with them this time.

As little children
We would dream of Christmas more
Of all the gifts and toys
We knew we'd find
But we never realized
A baby born one blessed night
Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

We were the reason
That He gave His life
We were the reason
That He suffered and died
To a world that was lost
He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

As the years went by
We learned more about gifts
The giving of ourselves
And what that means
On a dark and cloudy day
A man hung crying in the rain
All because of love, all because of love

I've finally found the reason for living
It's in giving every part of my heart to Him
In all that I do every word that I say
I'll be giving my all just for Him, for Him

He is my reason to live 

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