Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Your Life

Wow! Last day of February already. Not gonna lie. Glad it is the last day of February. I am wanting the second half of this school year to sail by (I know that it means I will be out of a job again, but I am tired of the drive - although I am trying to find a place to move to where the drive is not so long).

I am down 11 pounds now. Last time I weighed I was at 285. I am still working on my weight loss goal and continue to eat healthy and ride the bike at the recreation center. And read. I have been on a Janet Evanovich kick lately so I am exercising my way through her books. I believe I am on book number 6 in the Stephanie Plum series (not reading them in order). I am going to go get me the new John Grisham book to mix it up with my reading  and maybe finally get the Lord of the Rings. I like that I ride the bike and read while I am riding. It is helping me to do more reading for pleasure this year thus helping me stick to my read two books a month goal (hey who knows maybe I will actually read 52 books this year - I have read 5 already and am on book number 6 and this is only February!).

I like how I continue to learn things on this great faith adventure that I am on. I am really wanting to move back into a place of my own this spring. I am grateful that I am staying with this 72 year old lady rent free, but I really feel like it is time to get back out into my own place. Leap so that the net can appear. Yet I have multiple people telling me not to do it. There have been people that have told me to be patient, one person said I do not know what things will be like in 5 months and that I could be working far away from where I want to move. Another person said the economy is bad. I know there have been people that have said to me well you do not know what kind of job you will have (like I may not have a good paying job). I want to scream at all of them (and have gotten into heated discussions with a few). It is like they trust God for their lives, but not for my life. They expect the worst to happen in my life, but not theirs. Why? I am learning to trust God more on this great faith adventure. I believe that if I leap that the net will appear. That God will not let me down and that I will not find myself in a position where I cannot pay the rent. He has always helped me before. I don't see Him kicking me to the curb. I have been praying about this and have prayed to have a job where I would be able to make my car payments and pay for a place of my own. I have that (even though it will not last all year). I believe that God will go before me and make the way. I have lived on my own when I was an adjunct instructor. I was able to get things paid then (except no car payment). I guess I just want others to trust God more for my life. Let me walk my faith journey and do what God would have me doing for Him to build faith and trust in me. If that means leaping so that the net will appear then let me (I remember when others were telling me not to get my own place 2 months after I had moved back to Arlington. I did and God did not let me down).

Another reason it is important for me to be able to have a place of my own is because the duplex I was renting was foreclosed on in January of 2011. I moved to Nashville and put all my stuff in storage and then moved around every couple of months. I so much wanted to be able to get a place of my own again and get my stuff out. That did eventually happen after I moved back to Arlington. I only had my own place for a year before giving it up to move in with this 72 year lady so I could get a car. Yet no one seems to understand. Put yourself in my place is what I cry out. I am going to do this and I know God will provide. I am already job hunting (and excited that a college called me about a job I applied for. It is adjunct and I am praying that I get an interview after I finish the virtual job try out).

Okay today's video is It's Your Life by Francesca Battistelli. I feel like the word your needs to be changed to my. Because this is my life and my faith journey.

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