Monday, March 24, 2014


I still exist, Not gonna lie. Glad to see March is finally starting to pick up speed and go bye bye. Counting down to not doing this drive anymore (June 6th is the last day of it!),

I am still working on losing weight, I am down to 280 pounds. I have some pants that will shortly be on their way to being casualties of my weight loss (that is a good thing). I am now 120 pounds away from my goal. I can do this. Do not know when I will hit my goal or when I will be at the under 200 mark. But I can do this! I am not so much dieting as I am eating for my health. I like to find out the health benefits of the food that I eat and eat them for the health benefits. Like kale. I need to get my iron up so I am adding kale to my salads. Very yummy I might add. I also like to eat two pieces of fruit with my breakfast and mix up what I eat along with the raw veggies that I have for lunch.

I am also soooo looking forward to moving out and am still working on that (even if I have to have oral surgery done this summer). I appreciate the kindness of the lady I am staying with, but she ate all 5 of my nectarines that I just bought on Saturday and most of the package of reduced fat shredded cheese that I also bought on Saturday. It was supposed to last for a week and not Saturday night and Sunday. Ugh. Go buy your own food.

Okay today's video is Overcomer by Mandisa. Enjoy!

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