Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jesus Messiah

Well I have survived two Christmas Eve services once again this year. I did not know for sure if I had to work the second one or not, but Joel our media guy that coordinates the volunteers reminded me that I said I would work both, So I did, Tis okay. I had fun, Especially in between services when I was downstairs in the back hanging out with the other media people. Really is a great group of people to work with,

I realized a couple of things today. First,before I left to go to my friend Julie's house for a yummy dinner with her sister and parents, I found myself wondering why I couldn't have been a school counselor by now, or why I couldn't have been working at a college by now or why Nashville never worked out. Then God reminded me - if those things had worked out, I never would have met my friend at work and I never would have been able to help him at a point in his life when he really needed the help. I also would not be praying for him like I have been, So I found myself grateful to God that those things never worked out and that His purposes are better than mine. The other thing that I realized is that I do not have to be with my family at the holidays, I have my non blood family right here in Texas and they are pretty cool. I can see my family during the summer since I do fly on airline passes of another friend of mine. That is quite okay, 

I also realized that if I end up a Christmas orphan, I cannot guarantee that I will have normal meals on Christmas Day. Yep tomorrow's meals will be a combo of Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Arabic. This tends to be what happens when my friends Jim and Benji do not go out to eat with me because they had to leave church early. I end up eating food that is yummy, but I have no idea what I am eating, 

Today's installment is not really a Christmas song, but we sang it tonight in our Christmas Eve service. I picked it because I like the message in the song and what it has to say about Jesus. 

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