Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Little Drummer Boy

Wow! After today there will be one more day left in the 24 Days of Christmas blog posts. It has been a bit challenging at times. Going to see if I can come up with something different next year. Maybe do Christmas movies. I am taking suggestions.

Today has been better than yesterday. I am glad. Still praying for my friend. God is helping me.I had a good talk with y friend Julie who I will be spending Christmas Eve with. She is amazed at how much I have changed for the better this year. I am too. I want to keep moving forward. I know without a doubt that reading my Bible on a pretty much daily basis as well as reading in my devotional book that I picked out to read this year is helping me grow in my walk with God, I am glad. We talked about my friend at work. I told her that as I have been praying God has done something in me. I now care about my friend at work, Which, when you star caring, it is easy to get your heart stomped on sometimes. Not that he has willfully done that, He has made me cry at times. He just does not know it. Only me and God know that information.

It is not the song for today's post. but I was listening to Christ is Come by Big Daddy Weave. I really like that song. The names of God part is pretty cool. I like what each name means.

Prince of Peace - Jesus came to bring peace between God and man. He died to reconcile sinners to a holy God.
Yeshua - means to rescue or deliver
Messiah - Jesus is the Anointed One or the Chosen One.
Son of Man - affirms the humanity of Christ which exists alongside his divinity
Holy One - Christ is holy both in His divine and human nature. By His death we are made holy and pure before God.
King of Kings and Lord of Lords - Jesus has dominion over all authority on earth
The Great I Am - Jesus is the eternal God. The unchanging Jehovah of the Old Testament
Comforter - Jesus ministers to each of us personally
Counselor - we can trust Jesus to listen to our problems and guide us in the right direction
Author and Finisher - Jesus is the founder of our faith as well as the finisher. He is the source of our faith that sustains us.
Divine Truth Revealer
Deliverer - Christ is our deliverer from the bondage of sin.

Oh how I long for my friend to hear this song and have the names of Jesus mean something to him. It keeps me praying for him/ I have a feeling that we really are going to be good friends. That this is the calm before things really start to pick up. That is okay. God can get me ready for what is coming. I am glad that I am on Christmas break, but will be glad to get back to work so that I can see my friend (unless he decides he wants to hang out when I get over to north Dallas to pet and house sit).

Okay you know I had to do this, Yep, Stryper doing The Little Drummer, You are in for a treat, Now that makes me want to go fund Soldiers Under Command on cd and also find another To Hell With the Devil replacement poster. I really hope that I do get married one of these days (before I am 50) because I soooo cannot wait for my future hubby to know about my liking of Stryper. He is going to roll his eyes. I soooo do not care. If he loves me he will love my quirky funny humorous spunky weirdness.  I sooo cannot wait to meet my future hubby, I know God has a doozy out there for me. Bring it on :)

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