Saturday, January 3, 2015

Take My Hand, Precious Lord/Just A Closer Walk With Thee

So, I have some exciting news!! I finished my book last night at 10 pm!! That makes two chapter books that I have written. I never thought that when I set out to be a complete re-write of the entire Adventure in Hawaii story that I would think of ideas for other books. It was hard enough writing the first book. Then it took me a while to write the second book. Not because I was lazy, but because I have to get myself into my writing mode. It involves smooth jazz music and lots of putting other things aside to get it done. I started my dog/cat/house sitting job with 4 1/2 chapters done in my book. I got the other 3 1/2 chapters done in less than a week. Not too shabby. I seriously do not know how John Grisham or J.K. Rowling do it. I do have plans to start what will be the second book in my series (this one that I finished was the third book - yes I know it is strange, but I had the story in my head and I do what every good author does by getting it out on paper before I lose it). So, on Monday when I clock in at work I will have the notebook with me for the second book and will be happy to say that I finished my book :)

So, sometimes I struggle with my faith. Like I have the past couple of days. It is not that it is not there, it is just that my head likes to get in the way of my heart. My faith and salvation in Jesus comes from the heart and not the head. I do not understand it at all. I am glad that God does not want us to know everything or understand everything. I think if we did then we would not need Him. And we do need Him. I need Him desperately. I am learning that in times like this that I cannot do anything to make my faith better or stronger. I read that in The Patchwork Devotional book that I went through this last year. And it is true. It is something that only God can do. And He will. He will help my heart to be bigger than my head so that way I can be in awe of Him and be grateful to Him for all that He has done and is doing and will continue to do in my life. He will help me to keep growing in Him one day at a time.

I go back to work on Monday. I will get to see my friend again and I am praying a lot for this part of the school year and him. I keep praying each day for him and I am glad. I want to see what God does through all of this. It is not easy at times, but I am learning through all of this. To keep praying even when it is difficult. To have God continue to give me a compassionate heart for my friend. I do care about him. It is just different when you do not see each other for a while. You fall into solitude and vacation mode since you are not out there interacting with the world. But now that work starts back up, I can go back refreshed and ready to face what God will have me doing.

Today's video seems appropriate. I do desire a closer walk with Jesus and need Him to take my hand as we go through this journey of life and faith together.

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