Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015

Well somehow 2014 ended and now it is 2015. I have been on an adventure of sorts since December 27th. I am dog/cat/house sitting in north Dallas. I work with the lady at my school and know both of their daughters from school as they have been in classes that I have covered. I have yet to meet the husband and son, but I know that one of these days I will. They are super super nice and have a beautiful house in a very nice part of north Dallas. I am taking care of their two dogs and cat (they took their third dog with them). It has been a nice get away of sorts. I have gone to my apartment for a few hours every other day to check on my kitties. They are all doing fine. No one is sick anymore (Etta picked up something from the place she got fixed at, so I had to take her to the vet where she proceeded to attack me multiple times. I think it gave the vet tech some entertainment). Anyway. Etta's illness spread to the other three making me for a moment feel like a mom with human kids when all their kids are sick at once. I shared her antibiotic with the other three and everyone is better now. Thankful to start the new year off with healthy fur kids.

I have been enjoying myself at this very nice house. I thought it would be a bit scary to be staying in this big of a house by myself, but thankfully it is not. I have the two dogs who are inside. They are good watch dogs. Plus I have been sleeping in the world's most comfortable bed. Seriously. I want a bed like it. Although if I had a bed like it, I would be fired because I would never want to leave it. Or I would be figuring out a way to work from bed. I have also been able to work on my book. I am down to the last chapter. Just trying to figure out what to make my characters do next. I have been having a lot of fun with it and am looking forward to showing up to work on Monday being able to say I finished the book! I think starting Monday I will be carrying around another notebook as I start to work on the second book, I have already been thinking about my characters and the first chapter. Uh oh folks. We have a writer on our hands.

So, I decided to look at last year's blog post for New Year's Day to see what my goals were and let you all know how I did.

1. Get into my new daily four routine - read in my daily devotional book, exercise for 30 minutes. tae my multivitamin, and do my Bible reading.

I am happy to say that I accomplished this goal. I finished reading The Patchwork Devotional that my friend Julie got me, I finished reading through the entire Living Bible New Testament Large Print edition before the end of the year and started in another one of my Bibles. I also took my multivitamin everyday and I not only exercised 30 minutes a day - I did more than that. And have lost 52 pounds to boot. 

2. Get my first children's book out by the summer.

This did not happen, but I am almost done writing my second chapter book and am working on building my savings account back up. 

3/ Read 24 chapter bools this year.

Not sure how many I read. but I did read.

4. Get my own place again

This happened at the end of April. I am pretty sure that all of the going up and down stairs with my stuff contributed to my 52 pound weight loss.

5. Get seasons 6-10 of Beverly Hills 90201 on dvd

This has not happened, however I did get Season 3 of One Tree Hill on dvd. I have now staryed the collection :)

6. Get my passport again.

It has not happened, but I did pick up the paperwork when I went to the courthouse for the wedding of one of my former students.

7. Go see someplace I have not seen yet.

I went down to San Antonio in March and finally saw the Alamo and the Riverwalk. During the summer I finally got myself to La Grange where my great-great-great-great grandfather is buried and I made a pilgrimage to Shiner, TX

8. Get out to California to see my sister and brother.

This happened in June when I went for my nephew's high school graduation.

9. Get out to Arizona to see my parents.

This did not need to happen because my parents went to California for my nephew's graduation. I was able to kill two birds with one stone.

10. Get a rodent.

This did not happen, but I did get a kitten in July. I heard her meowing from my apartment and went in search of the meow. Big mistake,

11. Have another job lined up when subbing ends

This did not need to happen, because they had my job again. I have been very happy about that. I am really enjoying my job this year.

12. Go on a book tour after the book gets out

This has not happened. I need to get the book out.

13. Do a book signing for Adventure in Hawaii

Has not happened yet, but it will.

14. Do something to get Sweet Kirtter Creations off the ground

Need the money.

15. Blog more in 2014 and do some fun things with it

This did happen. Although I could make it more fun.

16. Get the flat top roof made for the doll house. 

Has not happened yet, but I did get the furniture repaired that needed to be repaired and stuff back on the walls. I am thinking of working on it this month.

So what are my goals for 2015? Here ya go:

1. Continue on my journey of health. I got 52 pounds off in 2014, I can do that in 2015. I know what I need to do. I may not be there yet, but I will enjoy the journey.
2. Be the hope, the light, the love and the joy of Christ to my friend. I care about him very much and love him like God does. I will work to be those so that he will be drawn to the light of Christ in me so that way there will be a day when he prays to receive Jesus into his heart.
4. Finish book 3 and get book 2 done before school lets out for the summer.
5. Continue to grow my walk with God. It is not easy sometimes. but I do want to grow in my faith ad be molded and shaped into the woman of God that He would desire me to be. I want to not only be beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. I want to:be known as a doer, flexible, someone with a great attitude, and a woman who stands by her convictions and is a woman of integrity.
6. Be a good influence on my friend. 
7. Get my secondary certification in history or social studies,
8. Start taking classes again.
9. Go to California again this summer.
10. Get my passport.
11. Get the flat top roof done for the doll house
12. Read 12 books this year
13. Blog on a more consistent and regular basis
14. Continue to persevere in prayer for my friend.
15. Read through whatever Bible I picked out to read and the Jesus Calling devotional book.

Enjoy the live video of Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald singing This is It

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